Example: BioLiveit EVOO CBD 1000mg Hemp derived CBD Cannabidiol full plant extract suspended in 1 Fluid ounce (30ml) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) This bottle contains approximately 40 doses of 25mg each.

1oz (30ml) Dosing: Each dropper = about 15 drops =1.67mg per drop approximately 25mg dose. One full dropper will equal a 25mg dose. This is a good start as a base for many conditions. Take sublingually (under the tongue) for quicker absorption. Best to divide into an AM and PM dose.



Ounce Millileters
1/8th oz 3.75 ml
1/4th oz 7.5 ml
1/2 oz 15 ml
1 oz 30 ml
4 oz 120 ml
8 oz 237 ml
16 oz 473 ml
Ounce Drops
1/8th oz 75 drops
1/4th oz 150 drops
1/2 oz 300 drops
1 oz 600 drops