About Us
At BioLiveIt we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products that are natural so you can nurture your body and give to it only the best.  All of our products are made with respect towards nature and with handpicked ingredients so you can rest assure of their quality.
We focus on Hemp Extract and Olive oil that are organically grown with care.

We strive to bring premium CBD (cannabidiol) products that are crafted using hemp extracts from vibrant and healthy hemp Organically grown in Colorado soil.
You will love our all-natural ingredients that include many organic essential oils, full spectrum hemp extract, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece and optimized concentrations of CBD.  Our extra virgin oil is made with original Greek olives for a unique and authentic experience.

Since the day I was born My family has shared their passion with the world, for the finest Greek olive oils, & paired them with their finest Greek recipes for friends & family to enjoy. Our Olive oil is coming from olive groves located between Olympia, & the temple of Epicurus Apollo, which are dated back more than 1000 years, & still today, produce the finest cold pressed Extra virgin olive oil the world has ever scene. The olive trees are cultivated in the same traditional ways my ancestors did for generations before me. With no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, our olives are carefully selected & cold pressed immediately after harvest to ensure we are greeted with the same delicate taste & flavorful aroma we have come to enjoy so much.  Since ancient times, we have acknowledged EVOO for it’s nutritional & medical value, as an important ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.

BioLiveIt is the first of its kind, all natural CBD infused EVOO product that is a natural medicine I created, & personally use, to help my Crohn’s Disease.   Other bases like Coconut oil, alcohol or seed oils don’t ingest well with my body. CBD Helps my inflammation, helps spasms,appetite and +.  CBD is a Food and a Nutrient. Great as a tincture, tasty on food, or as a topical on your skin.

Experience the power of nature with BioLiveIt!